Getting Around

    Thank God that I am finally free from having to wear that big, bulky boot! The fracture remains, but Kat and I have decided to hold off on surgery until/if it becomes unbearable. Thank you all for the concern, love, and understanding you've shown and your prayers the past few months!

    Hopefully, you've read the elders' letter regarding my status by now. They have graciously given me a break from preaching until my foot heals to the point where I can stand and preach 20-30 minutes each Sunday. This doesn't mean I'll be on vacation though! I'll still be handling all of my other ministry duties. My goal is to meet with every church family member over the next 2 months. If I've overlooked you, please let me know. I want you to know that I'm here to serve everyone. You can call or text me at the church number (352-562-1001) anytime or email me at jeff@keystonecoc.org.

    There are exciting things happening at KHCoC! The website is a wonderful opportunity to reach out to the community and to keep our members informed. I hope everyone will check the calendar often. If you would like us to add something, please call, text, or email me. This week I'll be adding a bulletin page and will soon be uploading PowerPoint sermon presentations to go along with the sermon YouTube videos. If you have any ideas or suggestions about the website or FaceBook group, please let me know.

    You may have noticed I've put a mailbox on the office door. I want to hear from all of you about sermon or class topics you would like us to explore, to share your concerns & spiritual needs, information on friends or anyone who may be interested in a Bible study, and anything you would like to share with me. Just fill out one of the info slips on the foyer table and drop it in the box. If there is any private information, however, please use a sealed envelope or hand it to me in person.

    In Christ, Jeff

    Hebrews 10:24-25


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